Meet Ron Lagerquist

Twelve years ago, if anyone suggested I was going to author books on health, fasting and nutrition, I would have spilled coke all over myself with laughter. Health food was for skinny people dressed in flannel pants and turtlenecks in drastic need of a good T-bone. The all American hot-dog was my mainstay, garnished with a side order of potato chips, finished off with a large bowl of butterscotch ice cream. The three fundamentals of a well-rounded diet.

My overweight, increasingly sick, always-drained body, punctuated with chronic depression, had nothing to do with the supper table. Just came with age, I thought. Until one day at an in-home Health Seminar, an annoyingly happy little man in flannel pants, armed with a slide projector, 

made a full-colored connection between my diet and health. I was rudely awakened to the reality that the ill health I had been enduring for the past ten years was the result of a self-inflicted assassination performed against my body three times a day, seven days a week. 

After the seminar, I began a 30-day juice fast and within 14 days the remarkable happened. My overweight, sick, allergic body found new health, wave after glorious wave. Layers of self-abuse fell away leaving the slim, robust body of my youth. I had been given a fresh drink of forgotten energy and there was no looking back. But more importantly, during the fast I was reintroduced 

to my first love. A heart callused by years of compromise softened finding again the warm arms of Jesus Christ. The fast became a launching pad to a brand new life.

At 47, it is hard to put into words the glorious health I live out every day. Hot-dog days are a thing of the past. And for the most part, so are allergies, eczema, tiredness, foggy mindedness.

Freedomyou began out of the need to amass under one roof, all the information anyone will ever need to make the change towards physical and spiritual wholeness. From choosing a ripe cantaloupe to discovering the love of Jesus, you will find hundreds of pages on better eating, successful fasting, and deepening your relationship with God. After the fast, changing my diet was not simple. The produce section in my supermarket was far removed from the macaroni and cheese isle I was accustomed to. There are no listed ingredients, or "just add water" on the side of an artichoke. How do you know when a cantaloupe is ripe? Are some oils better than others? I don't drink milk, so what can I pour over my morning cereal? Are there healthy sweeteners available to replace white sugar? The change to healthy eating was a mystery. The journey from a hot dog mentality to nutrient rich whole foods I now enjoy has been an intensive 12-year education. It is a joy to share what I have learned with you. 

We have just got started. Looking to the future, we will be offering MP3 teaching and video streaming on topics like, how to use a juice machine, or friendly words to help you through detoxification during a fast, or deeper still, overcoming eating disorders. All down to earth daily instruction. We also want to expand in the vital area of physical fitness, motivating you to sweat off those extra pounds. We welcome your suggestions for future growth; after all, you are the reason we are here!

God Bless you: