The New FreedomYou Site: The Story Behind The Story

May 1, 2012 at 3:08 PM

“What kept me in touch with that vision was curtailing my obsessive nature, shutting my laptop and spending time with the Vision-Maker.”

What happens when something that you thought was going to take a year to do ends up taking almost three years? And what if that something is not tangible like building a house, where you can actually show your family and friends pictures of a finished foundation, or new wall that just went up? People start to wonder why you are never available, and when they hear for the 50th time, “I’ve got to work on the site all weekend” the excuse starts to grow thin. They think I have a secret girlfriend, and wouldn’t that been nice!

There were many nights lying in bed where I doubted whether this site was ever going to happen. I would stare up at the ceiling victimized by doubt.  Is all the time-investment worth it? What if the new site does worse with google listings then the old site and all my traffic dies? What if after all this work, I get hit by a car and never see the fruit of my labor? (Seriously!) What if people hate the new design? And then for the hundredth time I would run into my livingroom, grab my laptop, breaking my own rule by bringing it to bed, and relook at my new unpublished site. But by this time it’s impossible to be objective. One minute I love it, the next, hate it!

I consider myself to be a pretty forward thinking guy, but my antique site, with it’s outmoded logo and outdated navigation system had become like a pair of comfortable slippers. Even though it took an hour to publish one article compared to 3 minutes on the new site, even though it’s obsolete coding was killing my google listings, to throw those old thread-bare slippers away for a new pair was hard—even fearful on those nights I couldn’t sleep.

Of course the crazy part is every time I would simply shut the laptop, banish it from my bed, and invite God into my obsessive thinking, I would find peace again. The purpose and vision behind all of this work would get  back into focus, and then I would find joy. And here is the key to my peace and what kept me going: motive. When my motive gradually backslid into being all about how to best monetize traffic, I would lose my passion and joy. Stupidly, to try to feel better, I would tweak this and that on the new site—as if!—when all I had to do was shut the laptop and pray, even just a little. When I finally did pray, and get in touch with the original purpose and vision of Freedomyou—I mean FreedomYou, (after 12 years, it’s going to take some time to remember to capitalize the Y), I would feel passion and joy return.

The cool part is, if you do the ministry part well, then the money part will take care of itself. So there you are. What kept me focused and motivated was staying in touch with the vision God gave me for this site 12 years ago. And what kept me in touch with that vision was curtailing my obsessive nature, shutting my laptop and spending time with the Vision-Maker. 

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Canada Sandra Del Monte says:

So glad you kept the vision going for all these years and finally your new site is launched. It is like finding a gold in so much nutritional information, wisdom and spiritual counsel. Thanks for all the time and effort you put into will change people's lives. Ron, God bless you and your ministry!


United States Kimberly Potts says:

I am blessed by your site this morning. God's timing is perfect. Always. I have your book purchased several years ago, did a week long fast years ago until my juicer broke, and went back to on and off eating well through the years. As well as on and off drawing near to my LORD. I have several other raw foods books and sites I have looked at. After months recently of my life feeling as it is spiraling out of control...problems with teen daughter, struggling marriage, weight up 40 lbs over a couple years ago...I have been miserable. For the past couple days I have been desperately asking GOD to give me an answer...mostly to my health weight issues . I have sat with my books, reading....and this morning "googled" for help. It is no mistake that your site came up first, but instead God's perfect timing and you..hearing and responding to HIS call. Thank you and God Bless you!


United States Levia Jael Grace says:

I want to first offer up a prayer of many many blessings to be poured out upon you for your obedience to God. And I know He listens so get ready for a rain forest season Smile

All last year I started off with a 40 day fast upon my spirit and after doing a 21 day daniel fast successfully in Jan. with my church, I thought it would be easy to just go for the 40. Needless to say I didnt complete the 40 days straight in 2011 and after feeling like a failure for doing anything from 3 days to 25 but never reaching the "goal" the Holy Spirit pressed upon me the fasting mentallity that I gained. And the times where Gods presence was so thick I felt I couldnt stand and needed to kneel (alone) in my room, were well worth the "failed" in my book. I learned it's not about the food but about prioritizing God at the top of your To Do list. To spend time in His Word. To Worship Him. To fall so deep in Love with Him the the obedience of your New Self is worth the painful expulsion of your bratty flesh. Looking back I would have never spent so much time with the Lord if it wasnt for my perfectionism on doing the 40 days. Yet it wasnt where my sight was supposed to be. For me to take credit on doing something as such and Thank God he used my compulsiveness to my benefit in spite of myself and ended up exactly where He needed me.

Oh gosh, I'm writing way too much... ok, thanks for your honesty. Thanks for your obedience to God. And thanks for this website because I'm going to start up again and found all the information here as gems. Again Thank you and God bless.


United States Theresa Kistner says:

This post really spoke to me today.  I have been spinning my wheels trying to "make things happen" This was a nice reminder that sometimes we just need to sit back, ask God for some guidance and "let go and let God"
Thank you for all you do!


Just want to say thank you. I love just to go on this site and surf it, even though I've been here so many times. Glory to God, and thanks for your work.


Canada bev ferrero says:

I appreciated your honesty and I sense your desparation was/is about the same as mine. Similar life circumstances too. I am trying to find out about type 2 diabetes and water fasting. Am also dealing with a concern that my desire to fast is not purely for spiritual reasons as I need to lose 40lbs and change my eating habits. I would appreciate your insights. I also am a follower of Jesus.


Hi there; love your site; love your heart for God.

Just a caution; because you have some articles around dangers of New Ageism etc, google adsense picks up this content and then places advertisements on your site for psychic readers, African traditional healers and the like; now I know you are a hardcore Jesus-lover, Google's algorithms don't and of course cannot differentiate the content you are speaking AGAINST and FOR (it just "sees", "reads" content and places linked ads to your site), and then places these ads on pages that speak out against such things.

Not sure how you change it but perhaps you can look at generating income from affiliate sales (says me who is so new to all of this!).

Be blessed and keep up the great work.



United States Brigitte says:


I have been following your site since its inception.  You had a partner, I can't remember his name.  Any who...I've been away for a while, but am glad to see the site new and improved!

God bless!


  I have obtained professional therapy from a leading specisalit for obsessive thinking. I even wrote a book about it - taking te therapy and passing it on to others who cannot afford the specialized theray or for those who do not have access to such therapy. Confronting The Bully of OCD, is the name of the book.


Hi I love your sight I have here few times just reading throught, it so informative I an currently on  20 days water fasting i an on my send day and as you know is not easy.The purpose of the first mostly is I am starting a new business and i just want the Lord to guide me and give wisdom secondly i need to loose some weight. May the bless you and continue using you for his Glory!


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