Breaking Obsession Continued – No Actually – About Epiphanies

June 9, 2012 at 11:37 PM

This morning I had one of those great embarrassing epiphanies while sitting on a bench by a lake, and bummer, if I was not an hour’s bike ride away from anything electronic that I could have used to document the details. Not even my iPhone to voice-record. Oh, the embarrassing part happened when I loudly exclaimed “yes!” (as I often do when getting hit in the head by a passing epiphany) just as a startled lady materialized from the forest path to my left. She looked at me with a mix of amusement and concern. Too bad that in our secularized culture, it’s just assumed that those who talk to themselves are crazy. I’m not crazy, there is a God you know and He’s my invisible Friend, I felt like saying to her, but instead I put on my most normal face. 

Epiphanies are very different than those realizations that are birthed from hours of laboring in thought. I’m the classic over-thinker, and often the more I think about something the more allusive the answer becomes. But then there are moments like these, after an hour of hard cycling, then sitting alone, (at least I thought I was alone), minding my own business, gazing brainlessly at a  beautiful vista, thinking simple thoughts like how amazing God is, then out of nowhere, BAM, profound realization that answers many questions. And without even thinking, my mouth responds, “yes”!

Is God speaking? Or is it the deep part of us that is connected to the Spirit coming to the conscious surface in those quiet spaces? After all, if the bible is true, and we actually are possessed with the Holy Spirit—if the Holy Spirit literally lives inside our body, then should not these “yes” moments be as common as hiccups and burps?

Imagine a world where everyone was deeply connected to God, like it’s supposed to be. People sitting in parks, walking down the street, standing in the subway,  judges behind the bench, cops, as they're writing a ticket, doctors, as they are discussing a diagnosis, pause, and exclaim, “yes.” And the onlookers just give that knowing smile, as if to say, they just had an encounter with God. Now that would be an interesting world.

Ok, I got way off track, which is just fine when it comes to blogging. I will share with you my epiphany in the next post.    

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