Self Control Tip 1 – Don’t Ask God

July 1, 2012 at 10:55 PM

For years I prayed: 

“please Lord, take this desire away from me” He didn’t!

“God give me the strength to overcome______” No goose bump!

“reveal Your Devine will of what I should do.” Silence!

Here’s the thing. Each one of these prayers is putting the ball in God’s court. It’s making Him responsible for my actions and inactions. It only takes a few minutes of reading the bible to discover that we—not God—are responsible for our actions. For the Christian, the bible teaches that all the fullness of the deity has been given to Christ, and we have the fullness of Christ (Col 2:9). What more strength do you need then that? Want another one? Gal. 5:22 says the fruit of the Spirit is self-control. You’ve got the Spirit, you’ve got self-control. It’s insulting for my kids to ask for supper when I just cooked and served them supper. 

As far as God taking the desire away, forget it! How would we grow? How would we mature? What kind of Father do you think God is? Maybe you have been used to controlling parents, or parents that do everything for you, but He’s not that parent, and if you think He is, your faith will be shipwrecked. Have you ever met a grown man who still lives with his parents? It’s not attractive, not one bit, and God is not interested in siring an immature Church. Christians suffer, they are even fed to lions, and a good Father lets it happen, so stop asking God to take away your danish addiction. Stop asking God to give you strength—He already has.   

So what should you do? Well, like I said in my previous blog post, because of not following through with your decisions over and over and over again, you have broken faith with yourself. That’s a bad place to be. So the first step toward being able to follow through on healthy decisions and rebuild faith that your decisions actually mean something, is to trust that God already has planted deep within you the strength to live a self-controlled life.  From a man who had zero self-control and even less self-esteem, this works.  

Here’s what you do. Instead of asking God for something you already have, thank Him for what He has given you. Practice thanking-prayers instead of asking-prayers.  Read scriptures that describes the authority you have been given, right here, right now. 

Here’s a little secret: Every action you do is rooted in faith. That can be good or bad. Faith is behind everything we think and do. You eat a danish because you believe it will make you feel better, even though it only lasts a few minutes. You drink, smoke, and cling onto a dysfunctional relationship because you believe you cannot live without it. Change your belief system, and everything you do will change. 

If you believe you cannot do something, then you cannot do it. Believe you can, and you will. Those desperate “please God” prayers only demonstrate that you really do not believe God has given you the power and authority to overcome any addiction or unhealthy behavior. You’re sitting around waiting for God to do something. It’s done. It is finished.

Take full responsibility for your actions. Own them. Then through thank you-prayers and reading the promises in the bible, retrain the “Believer” inside you, and a sleeper will awake, and with it, a whole new identity, in spite of the failures of your past. You will have to invest time, and it will not happen overnight, so be patient. But I promise you it’s worth the investment. The fat will fall off. 

The next tip will be vital to self-control, so stay tuned. 

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Canada Tanya Desjardins says:

Far to often we want "more" and rarely do we stop and take the time to realize just how lucky we are for the things we have in our lives. Love the idea of "Thanking Prayers!"


United States Theresa Kistner says:

This message is so clear that one almost feels silly after reading it.  I find myself saying "Ron is right, I'm sorry God, I didnt understand, but this now makes sence!"  Thank you again Ron for bringing your point of view!


United States Denise Walden says:

That is amazing. Just came by your FB page this morning and then hopped over here. I am so touched by this post. Words of wisdom found here..


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