My 2013 News Year’s Resolution

December 31, 2012 at 6:45 AM

“So here’s the thing. I will be somewhere one year from today. Instead of just letting life happen, I plan on having a say about where that somewhere will be.” 

I’m one of the few people that take their new year’s resolutions seriously. So seriously, that I will spend a few days alone before the new year fleshing them out. The last few weeks of December I always find myself enthusiastically asking people (even ambushing strangers while standing in line), “so what’s your 2013 resolutions?” And almost to a person, my excitement is met with a sour look, and they say stubbornly, “don’t believe in them.” Their face says it all. Thanks for reminding of all those past failures. 

What happens when every time you promise yourself something—you break it? The first thing that happens is you lose trust in yourself. That’s a bad place to be. The second thing that happens is you drastically lower the bar on your life. Instead of trying to break bad habits that you hate, you learn to live with them. You make cute jokes about them, live life around them, and get touchy with anyone that suggests you should make changes. In other words, you defend and protect bad habits. It’s just the way I am. And here’s the rub. Search “New Year’s Resolutions” in YouTube and they are all young people eagerly talking about what they are going to change in 2013. Us older folks are the less likely to even try, jaded, cynical and bored—well, not this 52 year old man. No way!

Child-like faith—every year is a fresh start—a new beginning. With God nothing is impossible. I could not be more excited about 2013. This will be a year of victory. If you read my last post you know why I am excited. Over the last 6 weeks I have done some hard work to help set the table for 2013. 

So here’s the thing. I will be somewhere one year from today. Instead of just letting life happen, I plan on having a say about where that somewhere will be. 

A Few Resolution Quick Tips

Short and pithy. Try to find a running theme in all your goals for 2013, then create one overarching slogan that will serve to remind and inspire.  

Display in a conspicuous place. Fridge, bathroom, iPhone screen saver, tattoo, hang your resolution were you will see it every day. Then change the location regularly to keep it fresh. Take a second and read it. I often have the resolution in huge letters, then inspiring points in smaller print below. I will demonstrate this later in the post when I share my own with you. 

Keep a journal. This helps you measure how you are doing. Don’t just visit your journal during failures. Write about your successes. If you have a smart phone, load the Google Drive app, then you can journal anywhere. It’s free and will sync with your computer.

Make it doable. This is one reason why I take so much time when creating my resolutions. Not only do I want my resolution to be significant in my spiritual growth timeline, but I want it to be doable too. Raising the bar too high will only lead to frustration and failure. 

Include the Holy Spirit. It’s plain silly to make resolutions without involving God. He will expand your goals and add a healthy dash of eternal value to them. Greater value means increased motivation, an essential ingredient to success. The Spirit will turn a resolution like: “lose ten pounds” into “increase self-control,” and you still get to lose the ten pounds. How about that? 

Ok, after days of thought and prayer, here is my 2013 New Year’s Resolution! Finally! What you will see below will be what will be printed above my toilet. I’m not a tattoo kind of guy. This one’s a beauty and you cannot steel it, as tempting as that may be. 

Here it is hanging above my toilet so I read during the wee-wee minutes of my day. 



An integrated life is the key to weight loss, fulfilling goals, peace and joy, and most of all, experiencing the abiding sense of God’s presence. In my next blog I’m going to share more specifically, what this means to me, and how fulfilling this resolution in 2013 impacts every aspect of my life.  

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Your 2013 resolution is exactly what I have been working on without realizing it or putting it into words.  I have been trying to just stay In HIM no matter where I'm at, what I'm doing or who I'm with.


awesome and inspiring!!


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