Weight Loss Always Includes the Pain of Detox

April 5, 2013 at 5:54 AM

If there is a diet program that promises pain-fee weight loss, don’t believe them. There will always be the pain of hunger and craving, which will resurrect deeper emotional pain. But there is another discomfort everyone forgets: detoxification, and that can be even worse than hunger. Foggy mindedness, lethargy, head and body aches, even mild depression. People may mistake this for low blood sugar or lack of nutrition, but think about it. If you are burning fat that the body had made from chips, french fries and danishes, then during weight loss, you are burning dirty body fat, releasing toxins into the blood stream. It’s a guarantee that this will make you feel miserable. Of course the good news is you are ridding yourself of all those toxins. The bad news is how that is making you feel. 

I think it helps to know what’s going on and why you feel so crummy. That way you will not mistake it for something unhealthy and quit. I have experienced a lot of detox over the last 20 years, especially during my first 30 day juice fast. Knowing that I was detoxing served as a deterrent to going back to these dirty foods after the fast. It can be the same with weight loss. You do all the work, suffer through craving, hunger and detox to come out the other side with a lean and clean body. Why would you want to go back and eat all this dirty, nutritionally useless food again? 

What will help you through detox blues is eating lots of colorful raw fruits and veggies that are rich in antioxidants. I have a Fruit Diet Program that you should check out. It’s a great way to lose weight and detox while flooding the body with cleansing nutrients. 


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United States Chrysalis says:

I am preparing to begin a 40-day fast in a few days and have been reading and studying like crazy. It wasn't my idea, but God's. He lead me to this site and, in case I wasn't listening to him, he had given me a word over a month ago that was one of the first things I saw on these pages, and it's not a word you see everyday. It was His way of telling me I was at the right place.

I plan to start with a juice fast and your web site and blogs, Ron, have been so very helpful.


Canada rlagerquist says:

Hi Chrysalis: God bless your fast. Would love your fasting testimony. Send to ron@freedomyou.com


United States Chrysalis says:

Hi Ron,
This is a huge journey for me and one God has been preparing me for. I will share my testimony at the end of this first phase of the journey. Thank you for this web site as it will help me in my quest to fast with God.


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