Why Does God Feel So Far Away Some Times?

August 19, 2013 at 1:44 PM

Let’s pretend for a moment, that there really is a devil. That unlike the dark force in Star Wars, evil is not inanimate, but embodied in a conscious being. And let’s stretch our imagination further and pretend that this being has other beings it controls, like demons. That these demons will do the devil’s bidding. Crazy stuff, but this is what the bible teaches. Whether you believe that the bible is inspired by God or not, there is enough historical accuracy in those 66 books of the bible that it may be at least worth considering. 

Let’s continue to pretend that you—yes you—have been given spiritual gifts, and if these gifts where discovered and fully realized, you—little ole you—could pose a threat to the devil’s plans. He cannot take those gifts from you, but if you are so busy, if your life is so cluttered, then maybe, just maybe you could go to the grave and never realize the fullness of who you are. It would be like Luke Skywalker married with three kids, busy building a career, never discovering his latent power. The Star Wars story would end very differently. 

You are a spiritual being whether you like it or not. If you do not invest the time to nurture your spiritual self, there will grow within you a profound feeling of emptiness. And guess what you will try to fill that emptiness with? Food. Money. A bigger house. Sex. None of it will work. The emptiness will grow. If I were the devil, I could not have planned it better. He cannot take your power, but he can keep you so distracted, so busy, so addicted, that you never discover that power, and therefore will never be a threat to his plans. 

I’m writing this after three days of fasting and solitude, and again I am struck at how detached I had become spiritually. When God feels close again it contrasts how removed from my daily living he slowly had become.  Does God move away? Is He mad at me? Rejected me? How does it happen?

 We are spiritual beings living in a highly materialistic world, especially, in the western world. From my balcony, I can see one of the busiest highways in Canada, the 401. I love mobility, love my VW Rabbit; I love my smart phone more than you do.  I love big city living, my TV shows or a great movie.  What happens is when I am not deliberately stilling my life down for prayer or meditation, life speeds up, from one fun thing to another, and I slowly start to get disconnected to the spiritual part of who I am.  When that happens I start to experience this emptiness, I feel detached to the world around me, even from myself. I hate the feeling of detachment more than any other, and it’s worse when I’m tired. Things are less fun when I feel detached. Instinctively, I try to jam more things in to recover that feeling of connecting. Detachment feels a lot like loneliness to me, so I text more, call up my friends more, talk more and talk even more. But it doesn’t help; it only makes me feel worse, more detached. By this time, the idea of getting alone feels almost depressing, boring and lonely. Why would I want to do that!

So here’s my key point: when I become disconnected to the spiritual part of who I am, I will feel disconnected to God. How can God, who lives inside of me through the Holy Spirit, feel so far away? Simple. God’s Spirit, communes with my spirit, deep calls to deep, but when I am spiritually disconnected, or like the bible says, living in the flesh, God’s Spirit is still with me, but I am not tuned in and He can feel a million miles away. But when I still myself after a few days of fasting, it’s not that I am winning God’s approval and He moves close, He was always close; in fact He’s inside of me. What happens is I reconnect with the part of me that is one with God. Wow.

The last thing the devil wants is for you to fully discover who you are spiritually, with all of your gifts, but what is even more dangerous is your spiritual connection to God. So he has well designed this world to keep you busy, distracted and addicted. Makes complete sense. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with cars, cell phones and fine restaurants. But ask yourself this question. And it’s the one I am asking myself. Do you own your lifestyle, or does your lifestyle own you?  An easy way to answer that question is try fasting. Fasting is the perfect autonomy test, and also a great way of regaining control back of your lifestyle. It is a wonderful way of reconnecting with God. Even though fasting is no longer very popular, I actually think fasting is more relevant for today than it was two thousand years ago, when people lived much quieter lives. 

Slowing down and reconnecting is not easy. Not one bit. Fasting is not easy. And I can tell you from experience, the harder the fast, the more important the fast, and the greater the reward of joy and peace if you stick it out. And I hate to break it to you, a five minute prayer time won’t fix it. That may work for religion but not relationship. Do you think your wife would be cool with you ignoring her for weeks, then give her five minutes, and wonder why you still don’t feel close? This is about a relationship. Treat it that way, and watch things change.

I’m excited about this juice fast. And I will continue to share the things that God is doing over the next few weeks. If you are interested in fasting, I encourage you to get my book Fasting To Freedom. It will provide everything you need to know to safely fast. 

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