The Detox Blues During Fasting

September 9, 2013 at 10:00 AM

"Who put kryptonite in my coffee?"

Day five of a juice fast. Yesterday, I slugged out a full work day, add to that 4 hours of overtime, then got home and instead of throwing my weak-starved carcass on the sofa, I put on cycling tights, topped up my bike tires, grabbed green veggie juice and went for a brisk ride for over 20 minutes. I was flying down the road, passing cars, wind in my face, jumping curbs, kids scrambling to get out of my way. Is there a precedent for this? Well, sure, Popeye had his can of spinach. I could feel the veggie juice coursing through my veins with explosive power while Michelle Jackson’s Bad, blasted through my headphones. Arms stretched out in front hanging onto my handlebars; I could almost feel the Superman cape snapping in the wind behind me. Fifty two years old, I had not eaten a thing in five days, and I felt like the boy of my childhood, intoxicated with the joy of movement, not a care in the world. I thought, maybe I do have super-powers yet undiscovered? Should not rule it out. Stranger things have happened.

Then today I woke up.  “Woke up” would be an overstatement. I dragged my semi-conscious body out of bed. My mouth felt like a cat slept in it. Birth-pains of a headache began stirring at the base of the brain. I think brain is an overstatement too.  I knew this feeling all too well; gulped down a cup of joe as if my salvation depended on it. The sudden jolt of caffeine only made matters worse. Who put kryptonite in my coffee? 

How is it possible to go from incredible energy one day, to this complete mess of flesh and bone staring back in the morning mirror? It’s actually a very simple answer which boils down to a mathematical equation that a grade two student could solve. By yesterday, I had already gone through three days of juice fasting. That was three days of detoxification, while flooding every cell with nutrients, phytochemicals and antioxidants. Plus, because I was just drinking fresh juices, I had removed all heavy foods that slog brain functions. The removal of salt, bad fat and processed starches allowed my body to readjust to a healthy hemostasis. Body was clean, brain clear, I felt great. Superman! So what do I do? Well, I went against everything I teach and killed it the whole day. Then instead of resting, I went on a crazy-nuts bike ride. 

Here’s where the math comes in. I took in maybe 1000 calories of juice, and then burned around 3500 calories. That means yesterday, my body was forced to cannibalize 2500 calories from my stored energy reserves. The body is not indiscriminate when it does this. If there is a choice between a clean healthy cell, (like a muscle cell) or a dirty fat cell, or old scare tissue, it will pick the unnecessary cell. Well you guessed it. I woke up with the residue of 2500 burned calories from toxic tissue floating in my blood. 

This is why I teach that when you are on a fasting high, do not overdue it. It may feel great, in fact, for some of you who are fasting for the first time; your first high may be the best you have felt in years and years. But if you overdue it you will have to pay the next day, and this is especially true during the early part of your fast.   Maybe I should practise what I preach.

If you are interested in learning more about detoxification during fasting, read: Fasting and Detoxification

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