How to reduce Jet Lag When Flying

April 13, 2014 at 3:04 PM

“My airport pee was always yellow and stinky. That’s not normal for me. Usually, my pee runs clean and clear like a mountain stream. Stinky yellow pee says it all.”

I love the whole experience of flying. The energy at an airport reminds me a little of being at the gym. There is a collective air of expectation of ether meeting up with loved ones, seeing new places, or getting home after a tiring journey away. What I do not enjoy is how drained I can feel two days after flying. There is this mysterious jet-lag thing everyone talks about. Maybe my cells are not designed to be propelled 600 mph, while 40,000 feet above the earth. Who knows?

 I fly often from Toronto to Texas to spend time with my seven year old son. My boy is cut from the same cloth I am; minutes after seeing me he wants to be running, play-fighting, exploring the world. What I begrudge is not being my 100% normal energetic self when I have my first moments with my boy. So I decided to take a closer look at what I do while flying, experiment, and see if I could reduce that dreaded jet lag. 

I always book a window seat; I find the bulkhead a natural resting place for a head heavy with contemplations. Upon examination, the first thing I realized was I was instinctively reducing my liquid intake so I didn’t have to crawl over the person sitting beside me to get to that tiny lavatory.  The result: my airport pee was always yellow and stinky. That’s not normal for me. Usually, my pee runs clean and clear like a mountain stream. Stinky yellow pee says it all. 

Also, any time I am flying I’m in vacation mode. That means relaxing my diet and enjoying some rare fun-foods. Airports are very happy to accommodate my indulgence, offering an abundance of tasty, heavy food. T.G. Fridays,  is one of my favorite stops, gorging down their all-day breakfast, fully loaded with home fries, bacon, toast, scrambled eggs and a teeny weeny glass of orange juice. Here’s the thing, I have dramatically increased my toxic intake, reduced cleansing water, both these insults inflicted on a body spoiled with clean food and lots of liquids. 

So a few weeks ago I decided to try something different. I restricted my food intake to fresh fruit, yogurt and those high quality juices like Naked Juice, all of which you can find at most airports. And I drank lots of good ol’e tap water. Guess what? My pee ran clean, clear and often. I made sure I did strategic peeing, like just before boarding the plane. Plus, I loaded my carryon with a good pair of brightly colored earplugs (so that the chatterbox beside me got the hint) and one of those neck pillows.  I made sure I was a little hungry the whole time I was flying. Being hungry helps a lot if you want to sleep while flying. It’s hard to sleep with high blood sugar. 

Man, what a difference. Got off the plane, gave my son a huge hug and wrestled him to the floor. He was giggling within minutes after seeing me. No jet lag to dampen those important first moments with my best buddy. 

A few free flying tips. 

Don’t be fooled by airport fruit smoothies, light on the fruit and heavy on the simulated syrup. When I asked the girl if they were all natural, she blinked sweetly and said as innocent as a new born, oh yes, while standing right beside a row of syrups that said “simulated” across the label. I don’t blame her; she was probably never asked that question. Go for the Naked Juice, brand juices. I highly recommend these; they will give you the biggest airport nutritional bang for your MasterCard. If you cannot get them, then go for 100% orange juice.  

Starbucks does have very good veggie and humus platters but they can be gassy, which by the way, depending on your angst for chatty plane neighbors, can be useful. 

The Manchu Wok sounds healthy, but trust me when I say it’s up there with Popeyes biscuits and gravy. 

Salads are a complete pain to eat, they are expensive, and don’t last as long as a burger and fries. And that’s the point. You’re sitting on your bum most of the time. The last thing you want fermenting in your colon while sitting and sitting and sitting, is chewed up white bread, ground beef and greasy fires.

Subs can be a good choice, but only the veggie subs. Sorry. Those luncheon meats are, well, crape!

Stretch. People will stare. I’m a bit of an exhibitionist so all is well. If they stare too long, invite them to join you. Airport yoga. Why not. I could start a trend, charge $50 for 15 minutes, well at least in the northen US airports. Maybe not Huston.  They may shoot you.

Water. Lots of water. Once past security, I buy one bottle of water for $10 then refill it up at the water fountian. That’s right, glorous, free tap water. I love the fresh taste of tap water. Did I mention it was free. Serously!

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United States David Hester says:

I just want to thank you for al your research and books they are helping our family a lot!

I have a question in regards to freezing, canning and drying fruit and veges.
It is diffucult to grow fresh all year and we have done these for a long time.
after re-reading your book i am left wondering if the enzymes are gone (from the heat) is this a waste of time?

P.S. a laughed some about your recomendation of Naked juices since they were just on the evening news recently being caught sweetening with artificial sweetners that they failed to put on the label. Still probably better than beer!


Canada rlagerquist says:

Yes, better than beer, but shame on them! And no, yu are not wasting time.


I travel a lot and eating and drinking is always a problem. They give you so much sugar on the beverage cart, and very little water. I have gotten so I bring my own water and food, which can be challenging depending the airport. Sorry I can't do the tap water, but I am definitely going to try the naked juices you suggested. Thanks for the tips! Glad I found you online.


United States Ebon Talifarro says:

Hey, I'm Ebon Talifarro, my class (8th grade) wants to interview you, would you have time to answer a few questions?


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