Why I Dream About Being Michael Jackson?

June 7, 2014 at 6:54 AM

"Written within the American Declaration of Independence is your unalienable right for the pursuit of happiness"

Actually you should know I was born for greatness. As a kid I dreamed about being a pale Michael Jackson and religiously practiced his moves in front of the mirror way before he wrote “Man In The Mirror.” Imagined  I was in front of all those kids that made fun of me at school, which included Paula Harrison, the girl I was in love with. (I’m risking using her real name. If you’re out there Paula for goodness sake email me at ron@freedomyou.com,  I’ve been practising.) It’s true, I still practice my Michael Jackson moves in front of the mirror behind my bedroom door while dreaming about impressing a new name-flame. The boy in me still lusts after Michael’s fame even though he was so unhappy he slowly killed himself with drugs.

That doesn’t make any sense. Why would we aspire to be a part of a class of people who are clearly unhappy? Think of all the rock/movie stars that have committed suicide or went to an early grave trying to self-medicate their emptiness away. The Happiness Experiment has been completed: being a rock star does not make you happier. In fact it’s the complete opposite.

The crazy part is it doesn’t help me to know that! I will still dream about being Michael Jackson. Maybe it’s a type of unhappiness I can romanticize. There is nothing romantic about being poor, clumsy and unhappy, but a, rich, glamorous superstar snob, well that’s a whole other kind of misery. Or is it?

Written within the American Declaration of Independence is your unalienable right for the pursuit of happiness. But what if that very pursuit creates profound unhappiness? What if it’s at its base, an empty pursuit? Maybe happiness is not an end but by-product of pursuing something else. What if the Declaration read “life Liberty and the pursuit of righteousness?” Or “pursuit of selflessness.” Then maybe America would not be the highest country in the world for the use of antidepressants.  

Maybe movie stars dream about your simple life. They see you walking down the street wearing a Walmart shirt and jeans, whistling some song in your head, simply enjoying the morning sun. 


“Grace sees beauty in everything”

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