Calorie-Free Snacking

June 13, 2014 at 8:40 AM

“The body knows nothing about myths, dreams or desires, it only knows cold math: calories in minus calories burned.”

The Original title of this post was going to be, Calorie-Denial of Involuntary Snacking, but then you probably would not be reading it right now.  A little here, a little there. Oh no, I really shouldn’t have. Just a small piece thanks. And before you know it, you’re fat.

Not to offend, but I find the conversation with someone who wants to lose weight is often borderline ridiculous. They say things like, “Actually, I don’t really eat that much.” Well if that were true, your kind of screwed aren’t you. It means that your weight gain has nothing to do with the mathematical equation of calories eaten minus calories burned. It means you have no control over your weight. It means breathing in air is fattening. You’re screwed.

Would it not be preferable to own those 30 pounds of excess body fat? Own every useless morsel of food you have eaten for the last twenty years for no other reason but to medicate away your emptiness/depression/boredom__________ (add your personal disorder name here). Because the great news about owning the 30 pounds x 3,500 = 105,000 calories eaten, is then losing weight is within your control.

This post all started with me deciding to lose five pounds. There are two ways I can approach this. One, is simply to say, I should really lose five pounds, which will result in feeling a little better about my five pounds, which will allow me to feel a little better about the jelly donut in my hand. Ridiculous! The second way is to take time and make a plan. A buddy I work said he wants to lose 30 pounds over the summer. I asked, “So what’s your plan?” He looked at me like I was from Mars and said, “What do you mean, I don’t have a plan.” And I said, well then you will probably gain 5 pounds over the summer. Oh the look! But it’s true. Proclaiming you are going to lose weight is a part of the cycle of overeating. Can you not see that? The myth of future weight loss makes you feel better about the jelly donut going into your mouth but the body knows nothing about myths, dreams or desires, it only knows cold math: calories in minus calories burned.

There is no calorie-free snacking. You can forget you snacked on that donut, it won’t help. You can pretend there are fewer calories in that donut, it still won’t help. You can snack unconsciously where you are barely aware it’s going in, it will make no difference. You can talk all day about dieting tomorrow, jaw muscles burn very little calories, it will make no difference.

 It’s about insanely hard choices. It’s about facing why you eat empty calories in the first place. It’s about changing habits that are so ingrained into your day, that stopping them would be like a divorce or the death of a loved one. When I see five pounds of fat hugging my belly, I must ask the deeper question of how it got there. Five pounds equals around 50 jelly donuts worth of eating that had nothing to do with feeding my body’s caloric needs. Most of the 17,500 calories has been long forgotten. But the body didn’t forget. There they are for all the world to see. 

So make a plan. If I want to lose five pounds of body fat that means I need to reduce my intake by 17,500 calories. What does that look like? If I eat 300 calories less then burned daily, then it will take 58 days, or around two months to lose five pounds. Now remember, I have been gaining weight, so I have been eating more than my caloric intake. So I will have to decrease my intake probability around 500 calories a day, or increase my exercise to burn more calories.

I bet you feel discouraged right about now. Dam! I just want to lose weight. Sorry man, the process of owning your eating habits is no fun. Not as fun as that nice feeling you get when proclaiming, “I’m going to lose weight this summer.”  But if you are serous, the ownership over your eating is the biggest first step you must make. There is no calorie-free snacking. 

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All though I agree with having to own your own weight etc... their is alot of recent research which suggests that it is alot more complex that your blog states with regards to calories in versus calories expended.  YES eating healthy is crucial, making plans too and taking personal responsibility for your health but making broad sweeping statements Ron is quite condemning to those who are not as far down the path as you.  You should know better Frown


Canada rlagerquist says:

I like to call it like I see it. Denial or trying to make something as simple as overeating and an inactive lifestyle complicated is not helpful. The only reason I am this far down the path is because of brutal self-honesty. I'm a Christian, and if I leared anything about Jesus, He was crazy-honest, even what would seen to be mean with his followers.


Firstly I too am a Christian and have been fasting regularly for the past fifteen years both water and juicing (and have found many helpful things on your site over the years).  Secondly I have also learned much from Jesus but NEVER in a blunt way, He accepted me just the way I was, but then began my transformation from the inside out, only my co-operation was needed, I found no condemnation in Christ.  
Secondly Jesus isn’t honest He is the ‘TRUTH’ but He is also meek and lowly and we are encouraged to ‘be devoted to one another in love. Honoring one another above yourselves,’ NOT taking pride in our achievements as if they were something we had acquired by ourselves. I could go on to quote many scriptures to back up my thinking, but my intention is not one-upmanship I was merely suggesting as a longstanding reader of your website and books that your last blog was not very helpful, if I had been someone wishing to embark on the discipline of fasting and stumbled across your site looking for support I would have went elsewhere.  It did not seem your style of latter years. Do not harden our heart Ron.  Blessings in Christ Linda.


It's just the truth and sometimes the truth is hard to accept! Yes we need to b loving yes we need to b encouraging but at some point u just have to come to terms with the weight gain and realize that for most people it was ur fault and u r going to just have to take responsibility for it. Thank u Ron for ur honesty and helping us come to grips with cold hard reality!


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