Lost All Hope of Weight Loss in 2015?

January 17, 2015 at 7:31 AM

“The world’s greatest weight loss program is useless if it is not energized by hope.”

Last year I published a blog called Why No One Makes New Year’s Resolutions Anymore where I wrote about a survey I conducted on teachers, asking about their New Year’s Resolutions. I discovered that the older the demographic, the far less likely they were to even consider a New Year’s Resolution. When I pressed, there where expressions of apathy, frustration, self-disgust, and a few even got teary-eyed. They had given up hope and stopped trying a long time ago.

The problem with giving up is you will not stay at the same weight. If you don’t change your eating/fitness lifestyle, you will continue to gain. Gain just one pound every six months, (which is very easy to do. That is only 19 extra calories a day) and between the ages of twenty to fifty you will have a total weight gain of sixty pounds of body fat.  That’s often how it happens, slow and steady, one snack at a time.  So giving up is not an option because if you do, you will continue to get fatter. And I know that’s the last thing you want. There’s a better way.

Over the last twenty years on teaching about breaking food addiction, I have not met a single person that wants to be overweight. Not one. Whether twenty or one hundred pounds of excesses body fat, they despised every pound, and more often silently despise themselves for such a lack of willpower.  I also found that the older and heavier they were, the greater the loss of hope. And man I can tell you when you lose hope, it’s game over. That’s why I have always said that helping someone regain hope is even more important than a great weight loss program. The world’s greatest weight loss program is useless if it’s not energized by hope.

Here are some better solutions then giving up, because even though giving up feels like you have taken the pressure off—even though giving up feels better than attempting another dam diet program, giving up is no solution at all. You will just keep getting fatter.

Start with an honest, hard look: Do not start with a diet plan. Relax, breath, and schedule some time for self-reflection. Begin by taking a hard, long look at yourself. Why do you overeat in the first place? What are you feeding? Learn a little about fat, salt and sugar addiction. I have a whole area on my site about getting honest. Here’s the link: Food Addiction

Make a Plan: Once you understand yourself better—your strengths and weaknesses—you can then craft a plan and goals that will be more doable, and most importantly, spiritually based. For instance, learn to be at peace before bed so you are less likely to snack. I have traded snacking with a few minutes of relaxed reading the psalms, self-reflection and prayer. It works. Here are some great links to help you make a plan. Diet And Cleansing Programs

Journal: It’s a given that you are going to blow it, so journal what happened. I split my daily journaling into the two subheadings: Fitness and Spiritual. Under fitness I detail my workouts, aches and pains, body weight. Under spiritual I talk about the emotions behind the successes and failures. My doubts, fears and insecurities and how they are tied to my bad eating habits. You will be amazed how much you will learn about yourself by simply keeping a journal.

Never Ever Give Up: “The road to success is paved with failure.” So why be afraid of trying again just because you will fail. Decide to relax and make friends with failure. Once you do that, you will free yourself up to learn from failures, so you can devise a new plan that is custom-doable for your own unique personality. Making Powerful Decisions

Fast: Learning about yourself, discovering food addictions you never know you had, making connections between negative emotions and destructive lifestyle habits, it all becomes much clearer during a fast. If you want to know more; read this: The Power Of Fasting

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United States Christine says:

Im going to give your suggestions a try, but I must admit, after 30 years of never giving up, I'm growing so very weary.


United States Abigail says:

Thanks so much for all of this! It's such an encouragement to me and so many others  ur honesty is very helpful and the spiritual aspect helps me put it all into perspective. It's a constant battle trying to lose weight and control my eating and excercise etc.. But really that's just how life is spiritually physically and emotionally, a battle, and the only hope we have to help us in any of this is Jesus!


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