The Dark Road to Happiness

February 16, 2015 at 7:15 AM

Why is it that I can have an amazing night out with friends, enjoy useless conversation and mindless laughter that is obviously lubricated by the empty glasses of draft on the table, and yet the next morning wake up feeling empty and depressed? Then in complete reverse, I stay home, face my demons and engage in a night of writing alone in my office; and sure enough the next morning I awake feeling joy and peace, along with that thing I value so much, a clear minded purpose.

I have learned the hard way, there are two kinds of happiness. The one is fleeting and only lasts for a moment. Gorging down a freshly baked danish, beer with friends, buying a new Tec toy, an engaging movie, all perfectly fine in themselves. But if I am foolish enough to believe that they will result in any lasting happiness, then over and over I am disappointed. And the more I rely on these escapes to provide anything lasting, the more the aftermath of dissatisfaction.

The other kind of happiness has a cost. I say no to the danish, the beers with friends, buying the new Tec toy and watching a movie. Instead, I force my body into my lonely office, pray, and start to work. At first it feels like a kind of warfare, but after a few minutes I win through and that all important connection with the Spirit is felt. The next morning I wake with something tangible in hand. Instead of a slight movie, danish or beer hangover, I have a body of writing. I made the night before count for something more than just running from the lies of the enemy of my soul. I wake just a little stronger then when I went to bed. A little more confidant that I can win this war. 

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So true so true! Thank u for sharing this it's such a good reminder to push thru and go for what really matters rather than take the quick fix!


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