Fasting on Good Friday

March 25, 2016 at 2:56 PM

“. . . do this in remembrance of Me.”

1 Cor 1:24

I am spending Good Friday alone fasting for the sole purpose to remember. I will think of Jesus and the cross.

I think about Jesus a lot. We are in a relationship together. But usually when I do, it’s how I am failing my side of the relationship. All the things I should be doing more of, or the things I should be doing less of. That’s probably rooted in being raised in an oppressive church as a child. It’s also easy for me to think in terms of failure because I’m somewhat of a perfectionist.

Even today, Good Friday, I’m having a hard time keeping my thoughts from wandering back to me. My past failures, my selfish acts, my pride, my foolishness. Like sheep I have to continue to herd them back, one by one, to Jesus. Back to that inexplicable act of love that was not predicated on how faithful I have been, how passionate I am today, or how much I will one day accomplish for Him.  In fact, the cross had nothing to do with what I have done. While I was a failure, Christ died for me. And He did it willingly because of how much He loves me.

As I allow that reality to overwhelm me, like rediscovering a forgotten treasure, it strikes me how rarely I remember the cross. Why is that? Why would I not want to stay right here in this reality? To wake up every day and the first thing to flood my mind like the morning sunshine, is that Jesus loves me unconditionally. He proved that with an act of love so graphic and profound, that His love would be forever beyond doubt or question. That would change my whole Christian experience. And instead of focusing on me, I would be focusing on Jesus.

Communion makes so much sense to me right now. To remember. Stop thinking about myself and how much of a failure I am, and remember. I think I would have more power in my Christian walk if I just did this one simple thing. To take a few minutes every morning and remember. 

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Yes, they are all good questions? Why don’t we wake up every morning with the Sonshining in our lives? How wonderful, warm and beautiful our every hour would be, if our mindsets and actions were focused on Him in all we say or do, regardless of the challenges we face each day in this world we live. How much greater would we impact others as followers of Jesus Christ, if we walked daily in the love & freedom that was so humbly sacrificed on the cross for our redemption? The inheritance that has been freely given to us at the cross is amazing! Yet we struggle to tap into it and receive the full benefits. How refreshing and life changing it would be, if we surrendered our lives and used this awesome gift every moment? Yes, you are right…The cross had nothing to do with what we have done or what we will ever try to do. It is not about us. It is all about Him and the love He has for mankind. No matter how we choose to walk out our salvation, Jesus still tremendously loves us unconditional. Through Christ we can do all things. We have His strength, His peace, His provisions, His love, His forgiveness and much more. Lord, help us to be more like You. Thank you Jesus! Amen! Maria


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