Find a Place to Pray Out Loud (Fasting Day 16)

April 24, 2016 at 7:19 AM


 I feel sorry for my inner city friends who have a hard time finding a place outdoors to pray out loud. I hate praying in my head. Maybe I have less faith that God can hear a silent prayer than one that can be heard by trees and sunshine. When it's just in my head the prayer feels unformed like an embryonic thought before the birth of articulation. I don’t like mumbling to God under my breath either. Clear, well thought-out words, bold statements, lofty promises, enthusiastic thanks for some gorgeous flower to witness or woman who just walked by. When my spiritual walk is firing on all cylinders, like during a fast, I’m talking to God about everything. There is no formal start to my prayers or amen endings, it's just an ongoing dialogue.

I do feel the pressure of public places though. I get it. Only crazy people walk around talking to themselves or their invisible friend. But the fact is my best friend is invisible. 

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You don’t have to feel sorry for people today when it comes to praying out loud in public places. We are in the era of advanced technology. I have been one of those crazy people walking around in public talking to my invisible friend. Only to find myself answering someone’s question of whom I am passing by, who I thought was talking to me. Little did I know they weren’t talking to me at all or to their invisible friend, but to someone else on the other end of their Bluetooth. Point being…If you have a fear of praying or talking to the Lord in public, just throw on a Bluetooth and they will never know the difference. Too funny! Blessings! Maria


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