An Awesome Tip I Use to Stay on My Fast

October 30, 2016 at 2:03 PM


When My friends visit my apartment, they always get a kick out of the posters I have stuck up everywhere.  It’s a corrective thinking system I have used for years to help combat those negative thoughts that can just come up out of nowhere. Whether it be fasting or blowing a diet, failure starts in the mind. There are specific negative thoughts I commonly deal with when I fast, so I place powerful positive messages that smash those negative thoughts to pieces.

These are very simple posters I can quickly create and print. Nothing fancy. I tape them up in strategic places where I know I will struggle the most. I will give you two examples. On my fridge, I put “Relax. Don’t worry, you will eat again.” The message helps when feeling the ridiculous fear of being deprived. The fact is I spend most of my life eating. This is a short time I chosen to devote to God. So, when I am feeling trapped by my fast, relax man!

Another struggle I have while fasting is the obligation of being productive and getting stuff done. Many fasts have failed because of this. While on a fast I will work all day, then come home and think of a bunch of things I need to get done. So, I created a Fasting To Do list and put in a place I can see it when walking through the front door. Here is my fasting to do list. “SLEEP PRAY REST SILENCE WAIT”. Man, does that ever put things into perspective. And it works. I realize that I can get all that stuff done after the fast. Again, this is time set aside for God. After all, I guarantee that Jesus was not doing laundry while fasting in the desert. 

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