Purpose In Pain

May 7, 2017 at 1:30 PM

I hate the feeling of a day without purpose. But I have learned that the purpose is in the pain. When I dodge the pain of a day by drinking coffee or eating crappy, or avoid pain at night by cracking a beer, this always leads to an empty feeling inside. But if I don’t give in to the pain and doubt, I will experience great growth and feeling of purpose. Maybe not that day, but it will come. The bible is filled with stories of relationship between pain and purpose. That’s what the bible means to live by faith. Joy always comes in the morning.

If you are struggling with the pain of doubt, confusion, loneliness, depression, you are not alone. Do not run away. There is deep growth and purpose if you endure. Read David’s Psalms. They will encourage you.

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Canada Georgie says:

Thanks for sharing your perspective of pain. It is always helpful for me to read your perspectives. I understand the reasoning God allows us to experience pain, as a way of communicating a change in our body, in our hearts, must occur. Suffering might be different though. We suffer through pain to heal our wounds, but do you agree sometimes we hold on to suffering (like a self punishment)? And then try the quick fixes you mentioned (binge eating, alcohol, sex) to make us feel better? Avoidance from a source is what I have tried in the past too, but I find it too is a quick fix. A flame burns me. I should not try to extinguish a valuable source, a blessing of wealth and good (heat, light, beauty)?  I should learn the source isn't the problem. Are you sure deep growth occurs with "enduring" suffering? Maybe suffering is the "kicker" for us to proactively make self changes that help improve our relationships/ interactions. Maybe avoiding this reflection means we are choosing to hold on to wounds and suffering. Doesn't God want suffering to end? Thanks for the references to Psalms.


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Touche. Sound arguments. Keep up the amazing spirit.


Canada Georgie says:

Thanks! Please blog more often. It's wonderful.


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